DMN3 Is A Multi-Channel Marketing Agency
Using Targeted Solutions to Achieve
Measurable Results

DMN3 focuses on solving marketing issues for the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, hospital & medical clinics, medical practices and healthcare providers.

By combining our traditional direct response experience, with the latest digital, mobile and social media methods, we bring integrated marketing and accountability to healthcare communications – both for healthcare professionals and consumers.

DMN3's Solutions

Powerful Multi-Channel Marketing

Seamlessly present a unified brand through multiple offline and digital touch points, engaging your target audience, measuring ROI, and optimizing campaigns to meet your business goals.

Professional Marketing

Use integrated personal selling and non-personal promotion to ensure that you deliver a relevant message to each member of your target audience, across all Healthcare Professionals' touch points – online, mobile and offline.

Our approach ensures that you deliver a relevant message to each member of your target audience.

  • Targeting - Identify the right prospects and how to best reach them
  • Segmentation - Categorize prospects in to relevant, actionable groups based on behavioral, attitudinal, demographic, geographic and other factors
  • Customization - Develop messages that resonate with each target group
  • Multi–Channel Integration - Create optimal touch points across online, offline, mobile and social media
  • Measurement - Analyze, refine and optimize to produce even greater results
    Benefits of our professional marketing approach:
    • Supports sales force efforts
    • Reinforces key brand messages to decision makers
    • Extends the reach of your message to non-called-on and white-space prospects.

Relationship Marketing

Build long-term relationships with your target audience by delivering relevant content to build trust and brand loyalty. The goal is to use appropriate mediums (online, offline, mobile and social media), to start a dialog and engage in conversation over time.

Consumer Marketing

Use key emotional drivers to help move your target audience beyond awareness. Targeted messaging motivates patients to take decisive action and improve their health.

Our Approach

Using data and key customer insights, we positively impact your targets' decision-making process to draw your audience in to a deeper relationship with your brand.

We focus on a smooth channel integration between:

  • Online, mobile, and offline promotions
  • Direct-to-Consumer and closed-loop marketing
  • Personal and non-personal Healthcare Professional promotions
These proven methods enhance accountability between projections and results.

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