Applying Our Methodology to Solve
Key Business Problems Facing
the Biotechnology Industry

DMN3 uses our knowledge about the issues facing biotechnology companies to help them solve their business issues such as how to:

  • Turn influencers into advocates
  • Generate brand trial and awareness
  • Increase sales coverage reach & frequency
  • Defend brand from competitive pressures

Our strategic solutions deliver multi-channel campaigns that target, measure and change behavior. We build stronger audience relationships, boost brand growth, increase revenues and gain market share.

DMN3 Solutions

  • Direct-to-Professional Marketing
  • Direct-to-Patient Marketing
  • Direct-to-Consumer Marketing
  • Real-time Analytics Management, Reporting & Integration
  • Brand & Positioning
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Interactive Marketing & Promotion
  • Sales Force Touch-Point Tools

Case Studies

Pre FDA Approval Build Brand Awareness & Professional Relationships


6 Ways to Make Your Biotech Drug a Mindshare Leader

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