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At DMN3 Healthcare, we build mindshare (and market share) for biotech drugs.

There’s a lot of talk in business schools about first mover advantage. When you’re first to market, you have a great opportunity to define the problem and own the solution. But first mover advantage doesn’t last long. It’s the mindshare leader — the brand with the most awareness and popularity — that gets the lion’s share of the profits.

Go for mindshare where it counts… with those that can make your brand successful.

Some biotech drugs are incredibly specialized — intended for only a small sub-segment of the patient population. And the number of specialists that treat the condition is even smaller. That’s why DMN3 Healthcare uses the latest targeting, segmentation and message customization technologies to focus effort on those doctors that can make your brand successful.

Use a multi-channel strategy to gain mindshare wherever you can.

This free report offers six proven ways to drive mindshare leadership. They use classic direct marketing tactics, straight-up face-to-face sales tools, and plenty of new technologies. There’s even an obvious approach that can give your brand a two-year jump on your competitors. Strategically executed, these techniques will help build a deep and lasting share of mind with the doctors who prescribe and administer your brand.

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