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Marketing Medical Devices
2013 Trends and Insights

At DMN3, we solve business problems for the medical device industry.

In the past 3-4 years, marketing for medical devices has changed radically. By combining our traditional direct response experience with cutting-edge approaches in digital, mobile and social media, we’ll bring you integrated marketing communications and full accountability. And, we’ll help you take full advantage of these trends.

Think smaller to grow bigger.

The shotgun approach is no more. It has become a rifle-shot world for medical devices. The ability to develop new devices and targeted programs for reaching specific market niches is now seen as the leading factor for success. (Source: iCD Research Study, March, 2012.)

Physicians are now harder to reach…
and just one of three decision-making groups.

With the growth of multi-hospital systems, as well as Group Purchasing Organizations, you have less access to physicians than ever, while Finance and Procurement now have voices equal to the MDs. But you still need to reach these different voices with one focused, integrated voice of your own.

Digital, mobile and social media… not just for kids any more.

All of these decision-makers, physicians, financial experts and purchasing professionals, are using digital, mobile and social media much more often. They use these communications tools to help them learn about new devices and make informed buying decisions. If you’re not using these tools effectively, you’re missing the boat.

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