Applying Our Knowledge-Based Approaches
to Medicare Health Insurance Products

DMN3 Institute’s market research answers questions to help healthcare insurers stay ahead of today’s challenges on marketing Medicare insurance products such as:

  • What’s important to seniors in choosing their Medicare coverage
  • What is the decision process for Medicare enrollees
  • Insights as to why Medicare enrollees don’t chose a Medicare Advantage plan
  • How Medicare beneficiaries view Medicare Advantage HMO’s
  • How seniors ranked the importance of specific Medicare advantage plan benefits

Our strategic solutions deliver multi-channel campaigns that target, measure and change behavior. We build stronger audience relationships, boost growth, increase revenues and gain market share.

DMN3 Solutions

  • Direct-to-Professional Marketing
  • Direct-to-Patient Marketing
  • Direct-to-Consumer Marketing
  • Real-time Analytics Management, Reporting & Integration
  • Brand & Positioning
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Interactive Marketing & Promotion
  • Sales Force Touch-Point Tools

Case Studies

New Member Lead Generation Acquisition

White Papers

What's Important to Seniors in Choosing Their Medicare Coverage

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