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What's Important to Seniors in
Choosing Their Medicare Coverage

DMN3 Institute's Medicare Research Publication Series

For many beneficiaries, Medicare coverage selection is often a choice of balancing costs versus other benefits. This report provides additional clarity about factors that contribute to price elasticity.

Find out how our panel of 655 people aged 64 to 69 answered the following questions (options in each question as shown below were presented randomly).

What is the single most important thing in picking your Medicare Coverage?

  • Covering my medicines
  • How much It will cost me
  • Keeping my own doctors
  • The reputation of the doctors available to me
  • Many doctors available to me
  • Medicare's quality rating of the plan
  • Other plan benefits in addition to prescription drug coverage

Please rank the importance of the following things in helping you decide on the Medicare coverage option for you. (Costs being excluded)

  • There are lots of doctors to choose from
  • The reputation and quality of the doctors in the plan
  • The other benefits of the plan
  • It covers my medicines
  • I can keep my own doctors

The DMN3 Institute survey was conducted between April 27th and May 2nd and covered a number of topics of interest to Medicare insurance providers. Click here to view: Survey Methodology and Respondent Demographics.

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